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 Imaginative  Kid's Indoor Play
Play for them and peace for you!
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Can I leave my kids with you?

You most certainly can, as long as you remain inside the building and your child is at least 3 years of age. All parents must sign a waiver for their child and you must leave us with a good cell phone number to reach you. If your child gets cranky or needs you, we will call you to have you pick up your child immediately.


Friday: 4pm-7pm 
Sat: 2pm-7pm
Sunday: 10am-1pm
Mon-Thurs: Closed

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25 South mtn. Drive Lincoln NH inside the Village Shops

Across from The Moon Bakery

What should we wear?

Kids should wear comfortable clothes. While shoes are not allowed in Studio Play, socks are required. Sticky socks preferred but not mandatory.We do sell socks for just $2 a pair. We ask all participants to leave shoes and egos at the door. This is pure positive play!!


     *Pro Player Tip*- Be sure to leave your kid with a water bottle. All this playing really builds up a thirst!!

Do you have a gift shop?

YES!!! Our gift shop is chock full of fun stuffies, stickers and lot's of positive merchandise.

How do I book my child?

Cancellation Policy

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Once within 48 hours of your playtime no refunds will be issued. Outside of that window a full refund or rescheduling is available.

How do I book my child?

Is my child to young?

If you are going to stay and play with your child we recommend children be at least 1 1/2 years of age because our space is designed more for kids ages 2+. Kids under 3 should not enter the Bounce House. However, if you plan to leave them and shop the surrounding stores or enjoy dinner, your child must be at least 3 and potty trained. We LOVE kids but we don't love changing diapers.

What is positive play?

Positive Play is a type of play that encourages kids instead of restricting. From the moment your child arrives they will be treated like a super hero. It is about facilitating a space that is very positive. Where a kid can believe they can do and achieve anything. We are welcoming and award acts of kindness!!


First 5 minutes is Free

Just show up and check out the fun. Some kids like to test the water before they are fully ready to take the play plunge.

30 minutes of Play $15

30 minutes is just enough time to make a friend and burn off some energy.

Full Hour of play $25

A full hour of fun gives your child plenty of time to meet a new friend and explore all our interactive games.

Parents Play Free

To encourage family play. Parents play for FREE with one kid play.

Friends Forever

Private Group Play

Let your group take over Studio Play, $25 per child with a  Minimum of 8 kids. Must specify at time of booking.

Girl Pointing Up

Birthday Parties

Kid's Studio Play
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