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Fun Indoor Kid's Play

One Space 20+ Games

Plenty of Space for Plenty of Play!

Game Play
Kids Studio Play Lincoln, New Hampshire

Amazing Staff

Enjoy some "Adult Time"

Come Play

Must LOVE Kids!!
Our staff not only LOVE kids but they are CPR/First Aide Certified. We will not just watch your kids we will play and have fun with them as well.

We create experiences that you and your kids will LOVE.  Feel free to leave your kid's with us and create a moment for yourself. As long as you stay in the building you could book an adult only dinner, maybe do some shopping or just grab a coffee.

Happy Kids Huddle
Dinner with Friends
Kids Studio Play Lincoln, New Hampshire

Two Augmented Reality Spaces

Ton's of games all in one place. Our state of the art gaming systems allow kid's to not just play with their hands but their entire body!

Indoor Kids Play

Bounce House

Your kid's can both jump, flip or tumble for joy in our brand new bounce house!!

Happy Boy
Kids Studio Play Lincoln, New Hampshire

Free Easy Parking

The Village Shops has a HUGE parking lot and it is all free!

Wooden Cars

Centrally Located

Studio Play is located right in down town Lincoln, New Hampshire inside the Village Shops. We are surrounded by great restaurants, a cider studio as well as an amazing coffee shop.

Village Shops Lincoln, New Hampshire
Kid's Studio Play
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