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"Rain, Rain, Go Away: How to Overcame the Rain and Have a Blast on your Winter Vacation!"

Indoor Kids Fun in Lincoln, NH

EEEEEEkkkkkkk, you have arrived for your winter family vacation here in Lincoln, NH only to find out that mother nature did not get the memo and it is suppose to rain all weekend. While yes, rain in the winter months is a total bummer, we do not have to let it stop our fun. Many local businesses that cater to family's run rain or shine. With a little pre-planning and probably some extra clothes we can still make this family vacation EPIC!!!

River Walk Resort Lincoln, NH

Map out your Lodging: After arriving at your hotel be sure to check that all the amenities are open for your entire stay and what time things close. If you are staying at a resort like Pollard Brook, Blue Green or the River Walk they all have great indoor pools which is a blessing for us parents. We can hang by the pool and relax with our partners while the kids get to swim and play! Bonus if your are staying at the River Walk they also have a game room for older kids and an Ice Skating rink for the entire family. Don’t worry they rent skates!!!

Kid's Studio Play in Lincoln, NH

Stop here twice: Once you get settled in we suggest you stop by Kid’s Studio Play to just test the waters. For only $15 you can have your kid’s play for 30 minutes and experience a boutique style indoor playground. Parents are allowed to play for FREE!! Once your kids get comfortable with the space and their new friends, you are going to want to book a full hour Playtime later in your trip. This is priceless!! You can now use Kid’s Studio Play as leverage to encourage good behavior while on vacation can even leave your kids to play. That’s right, they offer Play-Care at no additional charge. You can drop them off to play and go out for a peaceful meal, grab a glass of cider, or go shopping. Check out the list below for all the businesses in the same building as Kid’s Studio Play.

Three on the Tree in Lincoln, NH

Ice Castles in Woodstock, NH

Lincoln has a Castle: Rain or shine, The Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH is a magical place to visit. This is not your average castle made from stone or brick, this Castle is literally made from ICE!!! Yes, it can be pretty cold but it is totally worth the journey. The ice castle is built using thousands of icicles and is illuminated with colorful LED lights. After exploring the ice castle, your kids will love the tubing hill, tunnels and enchanted forest. The Ice Castle is also a great place to take some pretty amazing pictures but be sure to dress warm, as I said it gets cold...It’s an Ice Castle.

Fired on the Mountain in Lincoln, NH

Fired on the Mountain: Ah, Fired on the Mountain Pottery! This is really a hidden gem! Located in the picturesque town of Lincoln, NH, this paint your own pottery studio is the perfect place to get your hands dirty and create a memorable moment with you entire family. The owners is super friendly they even have a cute little coffee shop attached to the studio making this such a great rainy day hangout!!!

While rain in the winter months is not ideal we can surely make the best of it. With a little bit of strategic planning and a positive outlook you and your family can still have a great time! Make those sloppy snow puddles into a slushy souvenirs. You got this!!


Kid's Studio Play
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